The Effects of Electromagnetism on Humans

The Effects of Electromagnetism on Humans - Mobile phone radiation


"Mobile phone radiation, cancer and high tension power lines are all recent issues with technology and health."


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The Effects of Electromagnetism on Humans - Where does the EMF come from?

by Matthew Sirpis

Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) occur naturally wherever there is the movement of an electron. The field is composed of an electric field and a magnetic field. As science has progressed through the years, man has discovered how to transmit information though the ether by creating EMF’s through the use of transmission antennas, these fields can then be received by a receiving antenna and the information can be extracted by the oscillations in the EMF’s.

Mobile phones transmit and receive waves, whereas radios only receive. Lately there has been much controversy surrounding the effects of these fields on our environment and bodies. It is important to realize the risks and how to avoid them.

In humans EMF absorption seems to be responsible for brain tumors among excessive mobile phone users. The tumors usually occur above the ear, which is exactly where the mobile phone transmitting antenna is. Hence it is useful to use an earpiece and hold the phone at a distance from the head whenever possible. Holding the phone at a distance will decrease the amount of EMF absorbed and hence decreases the risk of developing a brain tumor.
Dr. Robert O. Becker a pioneer in the field of bio electric science and others concluded that the biological effects of EMF include: 1. Affect developing cells. 2. Activation of proto-oncogenes, which induce certain cancers. 3. Influence embryo development and cause birth defect. 4. Affect the production of neurochemicals and induce behavior change. 5. Induce overproduction of free radicals 6. Change the bodies’ biorhythm. 6. Reducing the bodies’ ability to cope with stress and lower the immune function. 7. Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, headaches, depression, sleeping disorder, deterioration of the memory, learning disabilities, chronic fatigue, etc… It is also noted from a variety of evidence that the EMF’s affect the central nervous system.
The EMF’s generated by household appliances decreases greatly as you move away from the device. Televisions, microwaves, fridges, hair driers, washing machines and anything else with an electrical motor emits a fairly large EMF, keeping a distance from these appliances while in operation is useful. Computer monitors emit a fairly low EMF but the close working proximity and long hours spent in front of them is a concern. Using an EMF shield on a traditional monitor is useful. Even more desirable is an LCD monitor, which emits almost no field but they can be costly. People suffering from headaches while using the computer should try an LCD monitor. Traditional monitors flicker on and off at about 75 times per second, which is undetectable to our direct vision, but the unconscious mind picks up these flickering images through our peripheral vision, which is much more sensitive to light than our direct vision. This may cause headaches, but an LCD monitor has no flickering (refreshing) so it is much healthier.

A healthy human is much less susceptible to a brain tumor than an unhealthy one because an unhealthy human has a lot of free radicals floating around in their system. These free radicals are basically particles in the body with a net negative or positive charge. Particles with a net charge get affected by electromagnetic fields more than ordinary particles. Stress and poor diet can increase the amount of free radicals in your system. Eating lots of antioxidants which are contained in fruits and vegetables can repair these particles. Meditating is also an excellent way to neutralize the damaged particles.

It is also important to realize that not all electromagnetic fields cause problems for humans. The mobile phone radiation is a problem because the microwave frequency used to transmit the fields has a similar wavelength to that of a water molecule. This means that water molecules are capable of absorbing the energy from the wave. Hence the ability to cook in a microwave. It should be noted that the relationship between antioxidants and microwaves has been simplified for the purpose of this article. Radio waves on the other hand have a much longer wavelength than microwaves and pass directly through humans. Minimal energy is absorbed and they are much less damaging.

People should also avoid living within 50 meters of high voltage power lines. The air surrounding the lines can be as much as 10 times more polluted than normal air. Normal power lines are ok.

A healthy and happy human, who doesn’t use a mobile phone for more than 30 minutes a day, is in a very low risk category for developing a tumor. But a human who is unhealthy and stressed should be careful. We should also realize that electromagnetic waves bring much benefit to society through distribution of information. This information helps Master spread her message. We need to moderate our lives and accept the benefits and pitfalls of science and technology.


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