Packaging Technology Universities

Packaging Technology Universities


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-Packaging Technology Universities
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Packaging Technology Universities - Be packed!

As the world moves more into a globalized state, packaging technology universities, packaging sciences, paper science, packaging design and systems engineering are all becoming important courses and many schools and universities. The reason being that a lot of money can be saved by a company if their products are packed well, thus limiting the amount of damaged stock, and also saving on weight in transport costs.

Some of the typical subjects you would find in a packaging technology university are:

  • Principles of Packaging

  • Package Fabrication and Equipment Operation

  • Package Development

  • Packaging and the Environment

  • Packaging Machines II

  • Packaging Materials and Analysis

  • Distribution Packaging and Design Analysis

  • The Packaging Industry

Below is a list of international packaging technology universities:

And next is a list of schools and universities in India where print or packaging can be learned, as the two are often taught together:

  • Indian Institute of Packaging 
    E-2, MIDC Area, Post Box No. 9432,  Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 093. 
  • Packaging Technology
    Government Polytechnic 
    Sadar, Nagpur,  
    Maharashtra 440 001 
  • Institute of Paper Technology
    Saharanpur, UP 
  • Institute of printing Technology
    SJ Polytechnic, Bangalore 
  • Institute of Printing Technology
    Sivakasi, TN- 626123 
  • Maharashtra Institute of Printing Technology
    1786, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, 
  • NR Institute of Printing Technology
    Teliar Ganj, Allahabad- 4 
  • Printing Technology
    - Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University 
    Kukatpally, Hyderabad , 
    AP- 500 872

    - B.M.S College of Engineering
    P.O. Box No : 1908 Bull Temple Road,
    Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560 019, Karnataka
  • PVG College of Engineering
    44, Parvati, Pune 
    Maharashtra- 411 009 
  • Southern Regional Institute of Printing Technology
    Adyar, Madras, 
    TN- 600 113 
  • Bosco School of Printing
    Okhla Road,  
    New Delhi- 110025 
  • Sanjo Institute of Printing
    Kalabarh Road, 
    Kotdwar, Pauri- Garhwal  
    UP- 246 149
  • Institute of Printing Technology
    Shoranur, Kerala 
  • Printing Technology
    Guru Jamshedpur University 
    Hisar, Haryana 
  • Department of Printing Engineering
    Anna University, Guindy 
    Chinnai, T.N.- 600 025 
  • Department of Printing Engineering
    Jadavpur University, 
    Calcutta, WB- 700 032 
  • Department of Packaging Technology
    Government Polytechnic, Sadar, Nagpur 
    Maharashtra- 440 001 
  • Department of Printing Technology
    Government Polytechnic, Gandhinagar, 
  • Department of Printing Technology
    Pusa Polytechnic, Pusa, 
    New Delhi 110 028 
  • Eastern Regional Institute of Printing Technology
    Jadavpur University Campus 
    Calcutta, WB 
  • Department of Printing & Media Engineering
    Manipal Institute of Technology 
    Manipal, Karnataka 576 119 
  • Department of Printing Technology
    Kalaniketan, Jabalpur, MP 
  • Government Institute of Printing Technology
    East Nehru Nagar, Secunderabad, 
    AP- 500 026 
  • Western Regional Institute of Printing Technology
    JJ School of Arts Campus,  
    Opp. VT station, Mumbai, 
  • SIES School of Packaging 
    Packaging Technology Centre

    Shri Chandrasekarendra 
    Saraswathy Vidyapuram, Plot IC, 
    Sector 5, Nerul, Navi mumbai 400 706, India





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