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"Scale building up in your pool filter used to be a problem, not any more. "



Hydropath technology - Goodbye lime scale

The new hydropath technology is a major break through in water residue treatment. It works by sending electronic signals though the water which break up the existing scaley residues and preventing further build up. It is useful for heat exchanger descaling, pipeline descaling, tube descaling, condenser tube descaling, condenser descaling and many others.

Why do we need this hydopath technology?

Depending on your water, lime scale can build up over time in pipes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, and appliances connected to a plumbing system and will result in loss of efficiency, reduced flow rates, and early failure of the system. This system is especially useful for pool owners as it reduces buid ups that can occur in the filter system, thus reducing the need for backwashing and maintenance of pipes.

How does it work?

It works by sending randomly varying electic fields though the water, which are enduced though the entire plumbing system. This develops free nuclei though the water. Once the temperature of the water changes, the mineral crystals that would usually build up on the walls of the pipes now build up on the free nuclei and are washed away.

The system itself is basically a a tranformer and a coil. The primary coil is in the system itself and the secondary coil is actually the plumbing pipe. The hydropath technology allows a current to be sent through the entire pumbing system, it is also very cheap to run and can be a real cost saver in the long run.

For more information on hydopath technology, or to purchase a unit from a hydropath distributor, try one of the companies below:

Canadian hydropath technology distibutor

UK hydopath technology distibutor

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