Coreldraw 12 Download

Coreldraw 12 Download


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Coreldraw 12 Download

Corel Draw has come a long way since the early days, along with all other great software that has stood the test of time. Now we are up to Corel Draw 12. The main new feature of Corel Draw 12 is the new "intelligent" Smart Drawing tool. It tries to second guess what shapes you are trying to draw and then strightens lines and curves for you to create those shapes. For a more thorough look at the new features click the link below:

To access the Corel Draw 12 Download for a free 30 day trial, click the link below:

Below is a list of features of Corel Draw 12 taken from the Corel website:

New! Smart Drawing tools
Work quickly with powerful Smart Drawing tools that instantly recognize shapes while you're drawing, minimizing the number of steps it takes to create graphics.

New! Dynamic Guides
Lay out objects easily and precisely the first time, cutting your design and re-purposing time dramatically.

Digital content
Take advantage of more than 10,000 free clipart images and photos, and over 1,000 fonts.

Welcome to CorelDRAW 12
Learn about the new features in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12, and access templates, step-by-step tutorials and recently used documents by choosing options from this screen, which appears when you launch the program. Learning material
Get up and running quickly thanks to helpful training tutorials. With the FREE training CD, you'll learn design tips from CorelDRAW expert trainer Lynda Weinman.

New! Export to Microsoft® Office or WordPerfect® Office
Publish your designs for use in your productivity suite applications. Optimized for Windows® XP
Enjoy theme-aware user-interface and visual styles support; faster switching for multiple users; and support for limited users with reduced access rights, among other optimizations.

Corel® RealTime Preview
Experiment with creative effects and see the results in real time.

Photo tools

Touch up or apply more than 70 effects to photos to add extra appeal to projects. With the Touch-up brush, you can remove defects in your images and see the results in real time as you correct image areas.

Open and save more than 100 file formats, including PDF, Microsoft® Office and WordPerfect® Office formats. Web-ready graphics
Quickly create Web-enabled animated graphics.

Prepare for print
Follow the handy wizard when preparing files for professional printing. Enhanced! Snap to Objects
Lay out your designs faster than ever! Quickly and precisely draw or modify objects in relation to each other with the Snap to Objects feature, and get visual feedback as you mouse over snapping areas on objects.

New! Intelligent Import Cursor

When both Dynamic Guides and Snap to Objects are turned on, the improved Import Cursor obeys guides and snapping points.

Tailor the application by arranging command bars and commands to suit your needs.

Creativity tools
Create cool image effects and get live visual feedback. Image editing
Remove defects from your images with more than 70 effects filters and see the results in real time.

Improved file compatibility
Open and save more than 100 file formats, including Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Photoshop®, EPS and PDF.

Color management and pre-flight options
Ensure top-quality results when you use professional printing and color management system features.

CorelTRACE® 12
Dramatically cut design and re-purposing time, and save money by converting clients' logo sketches and design samples into digitized, ready-to-use artwork. Photo correction
Get high-impact results with photo-editing tools that let you remove defects and cut out images accurately—all in just a few clicks!

Enhanced! Intelligent Eyedropper tool
Copy an extensive list of properties from one object to another in a single click. You can also sample colors from anywhere on your Windows® desktop, from other applications or from Web sites.

New! Virtual Segment Delete tool
Simply and efficiently clean up line drawings and edit curves by removing pieces of line segments between intersections and/or endpoints.

New! Align and Distribute text features
Choose which part of the text object you are aligning with—First line baseline, Last line baseline or Bounding Box—to achieve more flexibility and control over text layout. Red-eye reduction
Instantly remove red eye from photographs.

New! 3-Point Drawing tools
Create exact size and rotation of ellipses, rectangles and curves in just two clicks.

Simplify Shaping feature
You can trim the control object of a PowerClip object so that the object inside the PowerClip object assumes the new shape. Linked objects, such as drop shadows, text on a path, artistic media, blends, contours and extrusions, are converted to curved objects before they are trimmed.

Enjoy the functionality of additional symbols, including new support for internal and external symbols/sprites, with the Symbol Manager docker.

File format support
Work with more than 100 industry-standard file formats, including PDF, Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Photoshop®, EPS, HPGL and AutoCAD®, so you can easily exchange files with clients and partners.

Convert outline to object
Apply object properties to an outline by converting an outline to an object.

Cut Out masking tool
Simply mask images in Corel PHOTO-PAINT 12—draw a line around the section of an image you want to mask then fill the selection to complete the mask. To ensure precision, you can also preview your masking results along the way.





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