Completion, God and Meditationr

Completion, God and Meditation



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Completion, God and Meditation

By Matthew, FNQ, Australia

It all began when I was drinking reverses osmosis water in Nimbin, which made me even thirstier. A friend named Ian informed me that it was because the water requires minerals to be complete and thus drained them from my body, making me feel thirstier. I realized that this theory also applies to refined sugar, which upsets my digestion, but raw sugar does not. Refined sugar leaches my body of important minerals in an effort to become complete again, like raw sugar. Most likely drawing iron from my system.

This theory applies to everything. Everything desires to be complete and in its original form. Is it no surprise that vegetarians have more “life” in their eyes (not to mention less heart attacks, strokes and sickness in general)! Is it not possible that a piece of meat so desires to have life again, or a soul, and therefore drains it from whatever it can? Just walk past a butcher shop and then a fruit shop. Where is the colour and life?

As humans we ultimately desire to be “like we once were”, but we have been separated from our other part (God) and subconsciously feel like we are missing something. The only problem is that most humans do not realize consciously they are incomplete and therefore their subconscious drives them to find completeness in all the wrong places. This striving for completeness, in the wrong way, sets up a paradox that is destined to fail and bring about unhappiness upon achieving what we thought would make us feel complete again. This paradox is so ironic because it further plunges us into despair and brings about an even stronger desire to find what we are missing.

This strengthening of our desire to become complete has led man to achieve some amazing feats. Unfortunately we still have lives full of what appears to be misfortune, stress, unhappiness, confusion and the likes. It is due to the fact that we are projecting an unrealistic burden upon the completion of our striving. E.g. we expect that getting that new car, new friends, whatever, would make us eternally happy, just like we desire. We are all stumbling blindly in the dark, our torch batteries are all gone and all we can see is a speck of light emanating from the words of the enlightened ones of the past. These words are so distant it is hard to see them for what they really are, we feel so lost.