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Food and Consciousness - God is within


"Changing the diet, doing a cleanse, fasting and especially meditation under an enlightened Master will bring you closer to God."

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Food and Consciousness - Meditation and diet will change you for the better

It may be possible to attain greater states of Samadhi by altering the diet (although having a fully enlightened living Master is the first step). In the scriptures it can be read that Jesus used fasting himself when he was in the desert and also to cleanse and purify his disciples before initiation. He also specified that the disciples should only eat small amounts of food and not mix many foods in each meal. He generally advised not to mix more than 3 foods together. Master has also said on numerous occasions not to eat too much.

Generally there are two kinds of food, those which leave an alkaline residue in the body and those which leave and acid one. One of the most acid forming foods is meat, and one of the most alkaline forming foods is Spirulina (a dried blue green algae powder). Almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming in the body (yes even oranges although acidic in the tongue, steamed and baked vegetables are ok too), and most grains, nuts, cooked oil, salt, tofu, pasta, white rice (brown is neutral), meat, dairy, alcohol, drugs etc are acid forming.

There are also levels of consciousness attached to each kind of food. Those being the most alkaline are the most positive, and vice versa. By changing the diet it is possible to clear the mind more and make meditation easier. Generally it is easier to do so gradually, to allow the body to adjust and also to do some kind of intestinal cleanse to rid the body of residues and vibrations which remain from the past.

Most people experience more energy when they start to shift their diet towards a more alkaline one. 75% alkaline forming and 25% acid forming is optimal according to modern nutritionists such as Dr David A. Phillips. But upon starting this shift in diet (or any cleansing) it is quite normal to experience a “nervous” feeling which is a product of the cells cleaning out toxins. The “nervous” feeling could also be due to the body not being used to taking more energy from the spiritual light of God, as opposed to food. This feeling disappears with time when the body gets used to the new vibration.

It is also a good idea to eat the most digestive intensive meal in the middle of the day, such as brown rice with vegetables and avocados (or something like that), while only consuming fruit and nuts for breakfast and dinner. Spirulina is 70% protein and extremely nourishing, which makes it an excellent accompaniment to some fresh fruit. Spirulina is actually one of the most complete foods available and is excellent for fasting on. It also contains all the essential amino acids required by the body, plus some others which are very useful, especially Glutamic Acid which is used by the liver to remove toxins and Alanine which helps regulated blood sugar levels (amongst other things). Spirulina includes abundant B vitamins as well, with plenty of B12.

Observing what foods are mixed together is useful too. There are many good books of food combining (New Dimensions in Health, by Dr David A. Phillips), but the general guidelines are as follows:
• Avoid mixing protein (nuts, tofu etc.) and carbohydrate concentrated (rice pasta, bread, legumes) foods at the same meal.
• Avoid mixing proteins and fats at the same meal.
• Avoid combining totally different proteins at the same meal.
• Avoid mixing carbohydrates and acid fruits (tomatoes, oranges etc) at the same meal.
• Melons should be eaten alone.
• Many fruits and vegetables do not mix well in the same meal.
• Milk does not mix with any other food (pasteurized milk is highly acid forming).

The above points are the based on scientific principals of digestion and are the knowledge of most nutritionist. It can be learned at University.

At first the above points may seem daunting, but gradually they can be incorporated into any diet. Putting the list on the fridge is a good idea. Some examples of some well combined meals are as follows:
• Acid fruits (oranges) or sub-acid fruits (apples) and nuts(protein)
• Brown rice, vegetables and legumes (carbohydrate). Also some cold pressed oil can be added (uncooked).
• Nuts or Tofu (protein) with salad or vegetables.
• Salad, baked vegetables or steamed vegetables with fats (olive oil, avocado)

Some common examples of poorly combined foods are as follows:
• Tofu (protein) and white rice with fried oil.
• Tomatoes (acid fruit) and pasta.
• Cows milk with cereal (soy milk better).
• Pizza.
• Anything with fried oil or table salt.

Eating well combined food allows the body to digest more efficiently, thus leaving more energy and concentration for meditation. Eating a poorly combined meal will generally leave the person consuming it feeling full, bloated and tired.

The reason there is an emphasis on brown rice as opposed to white is because most of the vitamins and minerals from the rice is contained in the brown bit (husk). The husk of the rice also contains a lot of fibre which helps the bowels in their movements. White rice doesn’t really contain much nutrition apart from carbohydrates, where brown is practically a whole food, which even contains B vitamins.

So by gradually incorporating the above principles into our diets it is possible to attain greater health and vitality. Of course meditation is a must and I thank God and Master Ching Hai that we have learned how to do it properly.


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