Intestinal Cleansing and Spirituality

Intestinal Cleansing and Spirituality


"All disease begins in the colon. Clean it and get well."

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Intestinal Cleansing and Spirituality

If one were to read the books about Jesus not included in the bible, for example, The Essene Gospel of Peace, it would become apparent that Jesus was quite strict on his disciples. From the above mentioned book it outlines the process of physical cleansing that Jesus put his disciples through prior to initiation.

In the first book, the disciples are practically starved by Jesus, to the point where one of them becomes so weak he passes out. The other disciples pleaded with Jesus to let him eat, but he refused, at this point Jesus took the collapsed man into his arms. When he did this a huge intestinal parasite (worm) came out of the man’s mouth, and Jesus proclaimed it to be the head of the beast, which he promptly destroyed.

The last book in The Essene Gospel of Peace (book 4), outlines the glorious initiation ceremony in a field, where Jesus takes a small plant into his hands and explains that the secret of the universe it that everything contains a vibration, and from now on the disciples will learn to listen to this vibration for it contains all the secrets of the universe. Just like Master explains that we must listen to the inner sound to attain liberation and know God.

After realizing what importance Jesus put on internal cleansing, and realizing that my own digestive system was not balanced, I decided to do a certain intestinal cleanse that a few of my initiated friends had done and had great benefits.

The cleanse is called the Arise and Shine Cleanse and is developed by a naturopath in America named Richard Anderson. The book explaining the cleanse is called Cleanse and Purify Thyself. There is plenty of information on the web. There are many cleanses available but it seems this is one of the only ones which removes the hardened mucous that lines the intestines and creates a breeding ground for parasites. Another cleanse that has also shown great promise is the Bio Cleanse, this detox program is also very effective but does not require you to do enemas.

The cleanser changes his\her diet to only include alkaline forming foods, such as fresh fruit, fresh or steamed vegetables, soaked almonds, olive oil, avocados and sprouted grains. You must also avoid all acid forming food such as meat, nuts, cooked oil, grains, pasta, rice, milk, tofu …..The cleanser also alternates every 1.5 hours between taking certain special herbs and liquid clay. The cleanse itself is quite strict and it is only recommended you do it if you read the book.

I was a strict vegetarian for over 3 years before doing the cleanse and I was amazed at the amount of filth that lined my intestines. After doing the cleanse my physical health has improved dramatically and I am very glad I did it, as are all the other people I know who have done it.


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