Pictures of Dream Kitchens

Pictures of Dream Kitchens - Welcome to Cooking Heaven


"Dream kitchens make cooking vegetarian food a heavenly experience"

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Pictures of Dream Kitchens - Welcome to Cooking Heaven

Cooking has long been considered an art and not just an aspect of survival. So what good artist would not want to have their studio looking as best as it can. The kitchen also serves as an entertaining area for guests and also a gathering area for hungry members of the household.

There are many different styles of kitchens, and many different materials that they can be made of. In the olden days, kitchens were generally made of wood or tin or whatever material was available at the time. Today the choices are endless and range from plastics of every shape, colour and texture, to marble, granite, wood and just about anything that can be crafted into a fancy bench or cupboard.

The favourite style of kitchen would still have to be one with granite bench tops as wood cupboards. The granite is an excellent bench top material because of it's durability. It is very difficult to scratch and has many beautiful colours and textures available to choose from. Wood cupboards being a favourite because of their warm and natural look.

Below are some pictures of dream kitchens that are primarily made of wood. Click on the image thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture of your dream kitchen.

Click on the kitchen images below to see larger versions.

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