Parenting Programs: New York

Parenting Programs: New York


Parenting Programs: New York

When your child was born, the hospital did not give you a manual on how to care for your child and nuture it's growth through to adulthood. Given todays "free" society it can be easy for children to fall into the wrong crowds and sway from the ways you believe would be the best for then to live their lives. Teenagers can become abusive or take drugs and do all kinds of things that you would like them to avoid.

In New York especially, the big city, where there is both good and bad, it is important to instill the correct morals in children while they are still young. But also the older ones may need help and many parents need help or advice in counselling and dealing with their adolecent. Parenting can be a tough task and I do believe most parents deserve a medal.

As a teenager myself once I remember how hard it was dealing with peer pressure and all the insecurities that come with going through puberty. The morals my parent instilled in me as a child have come through though and I broke out of the destructive, rebellious life I was living.

As an escape I used drugs and alcohol to numb myself to the difficult world I lived in, and also took the drugs to try to "fit in" with the crowd. The studying itself was also a large pressure, worrying about the future and what I wanted to do, not wanting to let my parent down and all that.

Hence the need for parents to gain support in raising their children. Below are some parenting programs in New York:

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