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Jogging stroller with travel system - Run, run, run


"A great way to get your exercise and also look after the kids."

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Jogging stroller with travel system

Looking after yourself while taking care of young children is a real challenge. With todays` fast pace lifestyle, staying fit and healthy has become a very important factor in our life. With the ever changing ways so the designing of equipment we use has to change to suit our lifestyle. Keeping in mind the needs of today in this ever changing world, the consciencous jogger has not been forgotten.

The jogging stroller has been designed bearing in mind the needs of the child and parent. The three wheel jogger travel system features numerous amenities for making the task enjoyable and easy to handle.

Some of the safety features are thick terrain bicycle tyres with good traction, hard plastic foot pad and brake, and the luxurious cup and cell phone holders and retractable canopy. There is also the car seat featuring a five point harness which attaches to the jogger, making it easy to move a sleeping little one from vehicle to jogger without interrupting his of her slumber. A one handle quick-release of the wheels and easy-folding design improves portability. Other important features to look out for are the suspension system to be capable of three inches travel minimizing bouncing and vibration, swiveling front wheel for maneuverability and lockout mode with adjustable tracking for easy conversion to jogging.
Frame made from strong Aluminum alloy makes the stroller lighter to carry. The stroller for the walker or jogger who prefers to go off the road has a smaller front wheel for safer handling and maneuvering.

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