Dave Chappelle Lil Jon Download

Dave Chappelle Lil Jon Download


-Dave Chappelle Lil Jon Download
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Dave Chappelle Lil Jon Download - Lets Rap

You wats up with tha homies in the house, ya all say yeea.

Ya knows ya all wont some Hip Hop gunk so click below for some Dave Chappelle Lil Jon Download.



Over the past few years, from Zane to Romeo to Bow Wow, performers have been dropping the prefix "Lil" and opting to be known as the latter. Yet, one individual remains steadfast to his name, Lil Jon. Just what exactly is a Lil Jon, more importantly, what is a Big Jon? I have no clue and for obvious reasons, would prefer not to. While we're on it, who are the Eastside Boys? Why are they not mentioned by name? Why aren't they called the Eastside Men-considering the "maturity" obvious in their looks? Hold on, this is about "Crunk Juice", not another remix for Jada.

Dave Chappelle Lil Jon's latest venture is that of "Crunk Juice". Not only can you get a six pack of "Crunk Energy Drink" you can simultaneously get "crunk" while listening to 15 tracks of hot beats and signature sounds guaranteed to get your head bumping and body twisting enough to do your own rendition of the "A-Town Stomp". An energy drink and follow up CD with the same name, along with comical cameos on The Dave Chappelle Show, equals clever advertising, if I do say so myself.

As I opened up the CD, removing the packaging, I wondered "what am I getting myself into?" Little did I know that the experience would be a memorable one. One that I would willingly relive numerous times. Aside from the occasional pointless skit, constant usage of words that my mother warned me about (and sister taught me to pronounce) the CD is filled with definite club bangers and enough bass to blow my speakers, which should be expected considering it's a Lil Jon/BME Click production. My favorite song is track 12, "Lovers and Friends" a collaboration of the trinity (Ludacris, Usher and Lil Jon). The song asks a serious question, can you be my lover and my friend? If not, I'll skip along to track 13 and show you that a "One Night Stand" is all I really wanted. After awhile, the sour smell in those dreads is unbearable.

Overall, the CD is hot. It has its low points, as all CDs do, but makes up for its lapses in judgment. There are so many artists featured on the CD that you may forget whose album it is. To name a few: Ice Cube, 8 Ball & MJG, the Doggs (Snoop & Nate), and Gangsta Boo (remember, she left 3-6 Mafia to become "Lady Boo"). After listening to that track, you'll understand, you can take Boo out of the hood, but you can't take the gangsta out of Boo. Even Kellz/R Kelly had time to drop a hook or two. Which goes to show you just how hot Lil Jon is. If R can take time out of editing his home movies and flushing the mace from his eyes, to sing a tune for you, you got pull.

Do yourself a favor, get this CD, and get ready to bump. Make sure you have aspirin and a heat pad ready. I'm not liable for the headache and possible aching bones it will bring.



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