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JDM Motor

Lets face it there are more stock standard hot cars in Japan than you can point a stick at. Anyone visiting the place can't but help noticing the 20 year old drivers in some of the fastest cars you see around. Turbo Nissans and Honda.

Fast becoming the craze here in the US and other Western countries, is to get a JDM motor (Japanese domestic market motor) and whack it in a standard old Nissan and Honda. But what are the pitfalls if any? Well there are a few, get an engineering certificate for the work done, whether you do it yourself, or a mechanic does it. Make sure the motor is really a JDM used engine. That is imported straight from Japan. The young Japanese lads may be notorious for looking "hot" in their cars, but if they live in a crowded city as most of them do, they probably don't get much chance to hoon around, hence the motor probably still has the wrapping on it.

JDM spares are also a nice addition to many Japanese cars, they often have different patterns and colours available and some lovely "fast" looks to make you think you are going faster as you hoon around the block of the suburbs as the legal speed limit.

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