Energy Saving Boiler Controls

Energy Saving Boiler Controls


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Energy Saving Boiler Controls

As the price of electricity and power soars, saving energy, and being efficient is very important.

Boilers are typically not very smart and often fire up and heat water, when the water already has sufficient heat. The excess heat that is put into the system is wasted in the boiler flue, this is called dry cycling.

Using an electronic power saving unit can help to rectify this problem. They are often called Boiler Managers or Energy Saving Boiler Controls or energy efficient boiler controls.

Some boiler control units can be found in the links below in the red box:

The Boiler Manager or Boiler controller is wired between the time clock and the room thermostat, with sensors on both the flow and the return pipes It takes over management of the boiler to make it run more efficiently. It has high performance processor control and its own software, which was written specially to overcome shortcomings of boiler control unit technology as identified in numerous Building Research Establishment (BRE) reports.

The Boiler Controller monitors the flow and return and then varies the threshold settings and the firing cycle to achieve real energy saving.

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