Love poems

Love poems


"Love poetry is from heaven in your soul to bring you happiness."

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Love poems for you

Below are some of our favourite all time classic love poems, enjoy!

A girlfriend's neither gotten nor forgotten
(by Nicholas Gordon)

A girlfriend's neither gotten nor forgotten.
She's never just a friend who is a girl.
She doesn't wear a nameplate or a flower.
You never can be certain that she's there.
You're going to have to jump right off a building
And probably break your ego and your neck.
Nine times out of ten you'll wish you'd vanished,
But one time out of ten--why, there she'll be!

A girlfriend isn't something you acquire.
A girlfriend is a person, not a thing.
And if you leap and land next to the right one,
She'll burn her image right into your heart.
Love Poems

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Come to me in my dreams, and then
By day I shall be well again!
For so the night will more than pay
The hopeless longing of the day.

Come, as thou cam'st a thousand times,
A messenger from radiant climes,
And smile on thy new world, and be
As kind to others as to me!

Or, as thou never cam'st in sooth,
Come now, and let me dream it truth,
And part my hair, and kiss my brow,
And say, My love why sufferest thou?

Come to me in my dreams, and then
By day I shall be well again!
For so the night will more than pay
The hopeless longing of the day.
Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Selected verses.

Whether at Naishapur or Babylon,
Whether the Cup with sweet or bitter run, The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop,
The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one.

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread - and Thou Beside me singing in the Wilderness-
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

Some for the Glories of This World; and some
Sigh for the Prophet's Paradise to come; Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go,
Nor heed the rumble of the distant Drum!

Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
Before we too into the Dust descend; Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie,
Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer, and - sans End!

For I remember stopping by the way
To watch a Potter thumping his wet Clay; And with it's all-obliterated Tongue
It murmur'd- "Gently, Brother, gently, pray!"

Summum Bonum

All the breath and the bloom of the year
in the bag of one bee
All the wonder and wealth of the mine
in the heart of one gem
In the core of one pearl all the shade
and the shine of the sea
Breath and bloom, shade and shine, wonder, wealth,
and how far above them
Truth that's brighter than gem
Trust that's purer than pearl,
Brightest truth, purest trust in the universe
all were for me
In the kiss of one girl.
Robert Browning (1812-1889)


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