Celebrity OOPS Galleries

Celebrity OOPS Galleries


"Famous people like Britney Spears and Madonna may be famous but they are still human."

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Celebrity OOPS Galleries - Very funny Mr Famous

Yes we are all human and all subject to making mistakes, hence the need to capture all the famous people on camera and publish their funny pictures on the web and all over the media. Some people see this as an invasion of privacy, and I can't help agree with them in some way but the other side of the coin is that it gives us all a good laugh.

Another good reason to have a celebrity oops gallery such as this is so we can all see the truth behind the celebrities, and that is that they are only human, just like you and I. Also when you take the makeup off they are often no more beautiful than anyone else. Paris Hilton is a classic, she is so honest when she talks I love it.

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On the inside we are all very similar, we all have blood, bones and a soul. The exterior is exactly that, an exterior. If only people would spend as much time developing their inner beauty as their outer, the world would be a better place. For inner beauty brings happiness and true love.

Below are some pictures of celebrities being funny, call it our Celebrity OOPS Galleries or gallery if you will.












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