Purchase reports industry

Purchase reports industry


"Industry and purchase reports are very important in the business world."

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Purchase reports industry

This website is designed to help you find information on how to purchase industry reports.

The following is a list of websites that we hope you will find useful that sell Industry Reports:

Current Industrial Reports
Since 1904, the Current Industrial Report (CIR) program has been providing monthly, quarterly, and annual measures of industrial activity. The primary objective of the CIR program is to produce timely, accurate data on production and shipments of selected products. The data are used to satisfy economic policy needs and for market analysis, forecasting, and decision-making in the private sector. These surveys measure manufacturing activity in important commodity areas such as textiles and apparel, chemicals, primary metals, computer and electronic components, industrial equipment, aerospace equipment, and consumer goods.

Industry Information
Industry Information Resources provides links to industry resources for over 250 industries. Individual pages for each industry list resources available from trade associations, publications, and research firms which address subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends, and outlook, financial ratios and benchmarking, compensation surveys, and valuation resources.



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